2012 Holiday Fun at ACP

For the 2012 Holiday Season, as in past years, ACP put on their festive hats, but this year we took it to a new level.  ACP had three different events that brought our employees together as a team.

We started the season by moving beyond a customary single charitable donation.  For 2012, ACP provided employees with a $100.00 bill to support a charitable cause.  Two weeks later all employees gathered to share their endeavors.  The wide scope of impact was amazing.

With $100.00 each, our team members assisted families in need due to a house fire or illness, the Cancer Society, the Diabetes Association, a Woman’s Shelter, various local Family Aid Societies, and the Cleveland APL. This was truly a great experience for all of us at ACP.

This year we wanted to think outside of the box for our annual holiday dinner for our employees and significant others, we moved away from just cocktails and dinner and ventured into a Murder Mystery Dinner Party! Everyone enjoyed a three course dinner accompanied with three acts from the Murder Mystery.  This allowed fun interaction between the “”actors””, innocent “”bystanders”” and unsuspecting victims!

Although many employees were cast as actors, a couple provided star performances! Mike Williams took the Oscar for best performance, but Bob Kane was a very close runner up for his performance as the plumber, Dwayne Pipe!

Although Bob Kane’s table won the award for the only table that uncovered the murderess, we had one table that totally missed the mark and won the Clueless Award!  This was another great event, bringing our team together while having fun solving a mystery.

Our third and final event allowed us to close for business at 11:30 AM on Christmas Eve, but open for FUN with our employee lunch and White Elephant gift exchange!  After enjoying our excellent lunch from the ever popular, Das Snitzel Haus, ACP continued with tradition and supplied a gift for each employee to take part in the White Elephant gift exchange.

After all employees selected a number, number one chose a gift from under the tree.  However, number two had a decision to make:  Steal number one’s gift or pick a gift from under the tree!  Imagine this process continuing through all employees…lots of stealing, some attempting hiding of gifts, some surprises, but all FUN!

ACP’s secret shopper found some great buys this year…just to name a few: a digital camera, a Garmin, a Zeke Tablet, a NEXT Scanner, a kitchen knife set, and a Kindle!  And what would a gift exchange be without a few zingers…Sales for Dummies Book, a used book, and a extra-large bra (but everyone went home happy!).

How will we top this next year? Stay tuned…