New Benchmark for Service: RPE

Pairing local knowledge with product expertise creates a powerful and formidable combination in local markets.  This is the key concept behind Price’s Resident Product Expert Program (RPE).
Rob Laneve and Jeff Dubecky have been selected to participate in Price’s RPE training sessions.  The sessions will involve:
  • Noise Control
  • Air Moving Equipment and Controls
  • Chilled Beams
  • UFAD/Displacement and Critical Environments
  • Please contact Rob or Jeff for your next solution involving any of these technologies!
  1. Each RPE program forms a well-rounded training experience by focusing on three key areas: product expertise, application expertise, and collaboration.
To develop product expertise, all chosen participates were asked to review Price’s product literature, case studies and recorded webinars in advance to ensure that all attendee’s arrive with a similar baseline knowledge.  During the class the instructors built on this knowledge and introduced new product concepts.
Air Control Products clients not only look to us for product, they often look to us for application advise.  The Price RPE program will support ACP’s development of application expertise in our particular field by using examples and real world scenarios.
The RPE programs were designed to be collaborative.  Each RPE attendee has been given access to the product manager and support team creating a new network for experts which represents a wealth of knowledge unmatched in the industry.
This is just another way that Price and ACP are partnering with you to implement desgin solutions that set a new benchmark for service!