ACP 2014 Brew Crew Tour

ACP has completed their first employee event for 2014 and what a great time we had! Saturday, February 22nd we met at ACP to catch our Beer Bus Limo which we boarded promptly at 6:00 pm. Luckily the Cleveland weather cooperated, we had temps in the 40’s with clear skies.

As we headed downtown to West 25th Street, Bob the owner of Cleveland Brew Bus educated us on different types of beer and how to enjoy beer even if you are not a beer drinker.  He gave us a very usefully acronym to follow for the evening:  LAST…Look, Agitate, Smell and Taste.

Our first stop was Indigo Imp Microbrewery where we tried three types of beer; surprisingly one of the choices was a gluten free beer.  As we tasted the different beers we received a quick tour along with an explanation how the beer was brew from start to finish.

After Indigo Imp we moved on down the road to the Market Garden Brewery, for appetizers, dinner, and to taste four more beers that we individually picked from the menu.  Bob, our beer guide, helped us pick from light to dark beer based on our own personnel beer styles, as well as talked about getting rid of the carbonation (agitate) by pouring the beer back and forth into two different glasses to improve the beer taste.

Our last stop was Nano’s Pub, a short walk from the Beer Market Restaurant, Bob recommended a Vanilla Porter for our dessert beer which was a nice way to cap off the evening!

Our Beer Bus Limo met us at the door of Nano’s and drove us safely back to ACP.