ACP Architectural – Available Lunch and Learns

ACP Lunch and Learns

Our leading architectural manufacturers have many available virtual lunch and learns!

Reach out to us to schedule a learning opportunity and free lunch on Air Control Products Architectural! – contact us to learn more.

Modernfold– 1 AIA HSW CE Credit each –  (8 credits available total – 4 through ACP virtual webinars and 4 through online courses)

(All are available as a virtual webinar presented by ACP or as an online course via Modernfold’s website)
*Go to and make an account under “Continuing Education” to complete online* 

  1. A sound decision – Acoustics and Operable Partitions
  1. Breaking the Fourth Wall- Modern Operable Wall Systems
  1. Through the Looking Glass- Movable Glass Partition Systems
  1. On the Move- Automated Movable Walls Systems

Skyfold– 1 AIA HSW CE Credit each (2 credits available total)

  1. Revolutionizing Flexible Space
  1. Mastering Architectural Acoustics in Flexible Spaces

SmokeGuard– 1 AIA HSW CE Credit each

  1. Design Solutions- Smoke Protection at the Elevator Hoistway
  1. Fire and Smoke Curtains- Meeting Atrium Smoke Requirements
  1. Opening Protectives- New Perspectives in Fire and Smoke

Airolite– 1 AIA HSW CE Credit each

Coming Soon!