ACP – Celebrating 45 Years

45 years of ACP

Air Control Products is celebrating 45 years in business this April! While it has been an unconventional time for our business, we wanted to say thank you to all who have made this monumental anniversary possible.

In our first 45 years, ACP grew from a small operation into a trusted sales representative for the best manufacturers in the commercial HVAC industry. With three offices in Cleveland, Columbus, and Toledo, we now serve the majority of Ohio’s contractors and engineers.

We asked our staff about ACP, and from top to bottom, the answers were pretty similar. Our success comes from a devotion to our core values, teamwork, and a willingness to see others succeed.

See some of their responses below:

What makes ACP successful?

“We strive to put our customers needs first. We are known for quick service and also known for the strong relationships that we build with our customers!”

“I think it is our willingness to do what it takes to satisfy the customer’s needs.”

“The manufacturers are what make us successful. They give us the best products in the market to sell.”

“The singular thing that makes Air Control Products great is the people. Sure, we can say that we have world-class manufacturers with the best products and support, which we do, but the people inside our building are what galvanizes our business and makes it succeed. From our warehouse staff that keeps our warehouse stocked and ready for just about any situation, to our accounting department that will sit down and help us sort out anything with our customers, to the estimating department that puts out the most thorough and accurate quotes in the industry.  The people fuel our culture and have helped bring ACP to where it is today.”

What has working for ACP meant to you?

“It feels like a family. I have made life long friends here and people I will communicate with even after I am retired.”

“I have spent my whole career with this company. It has given me the ability to buy a home, send my kids to college, and make a great living.”

“Working at ACP has provided a sense of fulfillment. ACP has allowed me to assist others in solving their design challenges. A sense of satisfaction and accomplishment is created when I know that I have helped others with a problem, offered a solution, and hopefully created a better building for others to experience.”

Describe the culture at ACP?

“Our culture at ACP is very family-like. Each person plays a key role and is appreciated for their work. Communication and collaboration are our strong suit and we pride ourselves on that.”

“There is a real aspect of teamwork and it is lived daily. Very rarely are your days tackled alone. The years of experience in our building make teamwork easy. Through any open door in the office, you can gain more knowledge, solve a problem, or share in a laugh.”

“We have grown from a somewhat “each man on their own” to a more “team focused” attitude over the last 10-15 years. Most recently, after publishing our Core Values and The Expectations for All Employees we have developed a more unified message and consistent vision. We have rejuvenated our company with young talent and offer paths for success. Each of us is expected to “carry our own weight”, but we also realize that we are here to help each other.”

How has ACP changed over time?

“We have changed over time in the sense we have gotten better. ACP is more experienced and has a better understanding of what we do, who we are, and what we can offer customers. We have also embraced technology in an attempt to be more efficient and productive.”

“In the eight years that I’ve been with Air Control Products, I would say one of the biggest changes has been in our technology base.  The industry in its entirety is a little behind. However, our company now has a ton of horsepower to carry us through the next 45 years.”

“Over several years we have grown to be more team focused. Our team has grown to better understand each other and our collaboration has increased. Our ownership has always reinvested in the company and over time has embraced new technology, new perspectives, and innovation. We have changed manufacturers as necessary to continue our growth while maintaining relationships with other manufacturers for decades”

Any favorite memories or favorite things about ACP?

“My favorite part about working at ACP is that I get to work with some of my best friends!  I look forward to going to work, most days. I have known Bob & Mike Greene for 35 years.  I met them when I started my very first “real” job, working for an HVAC contractor.  Bob was our ACP salesman and Mike was the truck driver.  That was a long time ago and we were all young!  Where does the time go?”

“Simple occasions when we just share a laugh around the table at a Tuesday morning meeting or at a lunch gathering.”

“I think the manufacturer’s trips. They are both memorable and helpful!”

“The company parties, Innovation Expo, impromptu summer barbecues, sharing in job success are all so much fun with our group. I think what I love the most are the countless number of “water cooler” conversations that happen daily. The storytelling and laughter that fills the hallways daily is what resonates the most with me.”

We want to say thank you to all who have helped make ACP what it is today!

Have you worked with us over the last 45 years? Do you want to help us celebrate? Consider reviewing us on Google and let us know how we’re doing.