Air Control Products has partnered with Antrum


Antrum engineers continuous indoor air quality monitoring systems, which when integrated with your BMS, create healthier, more efficient buildings.

Air Control Products is proud to announce that we have partnered with Antrum adding them to our already impressive portfolio of premiere commercial HVAC manufacturers represented products and services.

“We’re excited to have Air Control Products partner with us! Together we’ll share how centralized IAQ sensing delivers the data building owners need to create measurably healthier, more efficient buildings.” Adam Donovan President, Antrum

Antrum has just been announced as this years 2022 AHR Expo Innovation Awards Competition Winner in the Indoor Air Quality category
Rob LaneveDirector of Engineering at Air Control Products had this to say:
Our excitement to represent Antrum stems from knowing the company developed out of entrepreneurial thinking by individuals wanting an improved solution for IAQ monitoring. Antrum’s centralized sensing solution will change how we monitor IAQ and reduce energy in our buildings.

Antrum’s centralized IAQ monitoring technology provides your building management system and facilities managers with the real time data needed to ensure the healthiest air quality possible for your building’s occupants—all while optimizing ventilation for increased energy savings.

Tyler Zamski, Critical Controls Sales Engineer:
“As the dedicated Antrum representative at ACP, I’m excited to provide a solution that I believe will disrupt the norm in IAQ monitoring, and at a time when indoor air quality has never been more important. Not to mention that Antrum has a passionate team behind it that believes in their product. At ACP we believe the product lines we represent are the best solutions out there.”

AntrumX™ monitors the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of up to 32 spaces from a single location. Using zero moving parts, our centralized sensing technology delivers more accurate data than traditional IAQ monitoring systems on a scalable platform, so as the science of IAQ monitoring evolves, your building can too. Click here to learn how AntrumX helps you know your air. (