Air Control Products welcomes Michael Tansey to our Toledo office

Michael Tansey joins our Toldeo office as our newest member of our engineering team.

Air Control Products would like to welcome Michael Tansey to our Toldeo office as our newest member of our engineering team. Michael will be filling the position of Applications Engineer. Michael has been working in mechanical settings since 2014. From his time at K.L. McCoy & Associates and Trane, Michael has experience in working with hydronics, airside equipment, refrigeration, and more. He also has experience from the contracting point of view, having worked at Industrial Power Systems as a project engineer. Michael’s previous experience, education from The University of Toledo Mechanical Engineering program, and his natural curiosity for all things mechanical, make him a well-rounded individual.

Michael enjoys working on cars, he and his father restored a 1975 Jeep CJ5. He enjoys building computers and takes pride in his custom-built computer that he uses to play video games and connect with online friends. Michael also plays guitar with a group called the “Future Fossils”, a jam band, comprised of two guitars, bass, saxophone, and drums. Please join us in welcoming Michael to the Air Control Products team.