Check Out the Updated Vektor Fan Family

The Vektor family consists of three lab exhaust fans. First is the Vektor-CD, which utilizes a centrifugal blower with a backward inclined flat or airfoil bladed wheel. This make it ideal for systems requiring horizontal duct runs or having higher system pressure. They come in both belt and direct drive and have three configuration options. There can be up to four fans on a common plenum. Each fan can have 1,500 to 122,000 CFM and up to 13.5” wg. Next is the Vektor-MD, which is an inline mixed flow fan. The MD is available in belt and direct drive. It also has a bifurcated housing, which keeps the drive components free of airstream contaminants. There can be up to 6 fans on a common plenum. The Vektor-MD can also be supplied with the Vektor-ERS, energy recovery system. Each fan ranges from 1,500 to 83,000 CFM and up to 11.5” wg. Finally, the Vektor-ERS brings energy recovery to lab exhaust. This system utilizes corrosion resistant runaround coils that maintain separation between the exhaust and supply air components. The Vektor-MD (high plume dilution), Vektor-MH (high plume), and Vektor-MS (Variable Geometry Nozzles) can be used with ERS. ERS plenums can include up to three fans, between 2,000 and 66,000 CFM, and up to 10” wg. Both the Vektor-CD and Vektor-MD are Spark C or B resistant. Greenheck will soon be releasing a bolt on energy recovery option for the Vektor fans. Please contact Rob Laneve at with any questions or submittal requests.