Flexmaster’s High Quality Flex Duct

Flexible duct is an important, but commonly overlooked component in an HVAC system. Not only does it determine the flow profile to the inlet of a diffuser, but it can contribute a significant amount of static pressure to the system if installed incorrectly or carelessly. In fact, flexible duct in many ways determines the final integrity of the system’s design. If the duct’s cross-sectional profile is distorted from being restricted between joists, the flow into the room could be uneven and cause discomfort in the space, or require more operating power from the supply fan to overcome the additional system resistance. Specifying Flexmaster eliminates this problem.

Flexmaster sets the standard in quality in dependability. Unique from others in the industry, Flexmaster manufactures their duct without the use of glues or adhesives. Instead, the metal helix is mechanically locked to the inner core. This maintains its shape at all 90° bends and offsets, thus eliminating the need for extra reinforcement (like a 90° boot). With a more rigid construction comes higher performance as well. Flexmaster’s most commonly specified flex, the Type 1, offers 10”w.g. positive pressure and 5”w.g. negative pressure up to Ø16”. It will carry the 25/50 flame/smoke rating as well as the UL181 listing to meet OMC 603.5 regarding nonmetallic ducts.

For more information on Flexmaster, contact ACP today, or check out the Type 1 specifications.