Greenheck HVAC University is going Virtual

We are excited to inform you that Greenheck is now offering virtual HVAC University classes beginning summer 2020.

This schedule includes:

8/4 – Air and Sound Fundamentals
8/5 – HVLS Design and Application
8/6 – Kitchen Ventilation Systems: Meeting Codes and Standards
8/11 – Increasing Design Efficiency Using Software
8/12 – Make-Up Air Ventilation
8/13 – Laboratory and Fume Exhaust Systems
8/18 – Motor Technology in the HVAC Industry
8/19 – Specifying Louvers for Surviving Hurricane Wind Forces
8/20 – Energy Codes and Their Impact on Fan Selection
8/25 – Air-to-Air Energy Recovery
8/26 – Life Safety Dampers
8/27 – Conditioning High Percentages and 100% Outdoor Air

Additional classes will be posted on>Resources>Education>HVAC University.

To attend, simply email with the classes you are interested in. You will receive a calendar reminder and registration link for each class from Follow the instructions on the email to register. A reminder email with a link to the class will also be sent to you 30 minutes prior to the start of the event.

Please see the flyer below for more information on virtual HVAC University!

Greenheck HVAC University