Greenheck Offering New Curb Models

Greenheck’s curb offering includes new models to meet the stringent requirements of high performance buildings.  In addition, Greenheck has added new models to meet the latest construction standards for high wind and seismic areas.

Taller Curbs for Roofs with Thicker Insulation

The drive for more energy-efficient buildings has resulted in roofs requiring thicker insulation.  To support this need, Greenheck’s model GPI and GPF curbs are now available in heights up to 42 inches tall.

Severe Duty, High Wind and Seismic Curbs, – plus Special Purpose Roof Curbs
Greenheck has strengthened their GPF family of curbs to meet the growing demand of curbs suitable in high wind, seismic, and heavy equipment applications.  The GPF model curbs meet requirements for high wind applications when used together with fans having Miami-Dade County NOA listings or for installations in seismic locations.  Special purpose curbs include a heavy load curb, Model GPFHL which is designed to support compression loads exceeding 1,000 lbs. and a heavy duty curb, model GPFHD which is designed to support heavy equipment in servere duty, seismic and high wind applications.

Security Bars and Damper Trays
When security bars and damper trays (for installation of a damper) are required in combination, rely on Greenheck’s model GPI, GPF, GPS or GPR.  Design changes allows Greenheck to produce a more compact curb, while minimizing the overall curb height needed to accommodate the security bars and/or the damper.  Spacing constraints are programmed into CAPS to assure security bars and dampers can be installed in the curb with any clearance of field fit-up issues.

Expanded Curb Adapter Offering
To make it easier, Greenheck has increased their curb adapter capability.  Curb reducers may extend up to 10 inches and curb adapters may extend up to 20 inches beyond the curb cap size.

For more details contact your ACP salesperson or you can browse Greenheck’s Roof Curb Catalog