Innovation is DuctSox’s Middle Name

Textile duct systems are not created equal! DuctSox, headquartered in Dubuque, Iowa has been manufacturing textile (fabric) duct solutions for the commercial construction industry for 21 years. Being the pioneer in this industry, they have been imitated by many, but never duplicated. DuctSox employs an engineering support team to assist consulting engineers and contractors in selecting the correct fabric, size, distribution, and hanging method. They know what works and will keep you away from trouble!

Innovation is DuctSox’s middle name and the product development team at DuctSox remains focused on developing and implementing creative ideas and products. Two of the most recent innovations are Skelecore and The Silencer.


Skelecore offers an internal support structure that maintains the DuctSox round profile when the air is off. The Silencer is a silencer made out of fabric to not only lower noise from the air handler, but maintains a consistent look of fabric at the start of the duct system.


If you’re thinking textile duct is the right solution for your project, or if you have any questions concerning DuctSox, please contact ACP and together with DuctSox we will assist you in designing a solution!