Lennox VRF Solution

LENNOX® VRF is the only heating and cooling solution to combine the zoning and energy advantages of variable refrigerant flow with the unparalleled knowledge and expertise of Lennox. It’s an expert solution from the name you trust. Multiple configurations of indoor units are available, including wall and floor mount.  Key features include:

  •             Standard communicating wire schemes for simple installation
  •             Quiet outdoor fan blade design
  •             DC motors using up to 45% less electricity
  •             Inverter compressor technology for maximum efficiency

In cooperation with Air Control Products, Lennox VRF brings with it a dedicated team of professionals who make your VRF projects their priority, from design and specification to construction, installation and maintenance. Lennox will also offer to send a professional on-site to assist with your project.

Contact the ACP team for your next VRF Solution or visit Lennox Commercial’s website for additional information.