By inventing the first HVLS fan, MacroAir has brought the concept of high-volume, low-speed technology to the market. Then they made their fans even better by reducing the number of blades from ten to six. Later, they redesigned the airfoil using a NASA-engineered wing design with an advanced blade-angle pattern to provide more air movement with less power. Today, they’ve reinvented the HVLS fan with their new AirVolution-D direct drive fan.


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Training Beyond ACP

By | July 18, 2017 | Comments Off on Training Beyond ACP

Education and Training Beyond ACP For Air Control Products to succeed, we must not only understand the products we represent, but educate those who specify, purchase, and install them as well. While venues for accreditation are available within ACP, there are opportunities for education outside of our walls as well. Factory tours, webinars, and on-site…

ACP 2017 Expo: Wed. Oct. 4th & Thurs. Oct. 5th

By | June 26, 2017 | Comments Off on ACP 2017 Expo: Wed. Oct. 4th & Thurs. Oct. 5th

ACP Innovation Expo 2017 Come discuss current projects, learn how innovations will shape your next HVAC systems, and how ACP can partner with you to deliver solutions and service. Here are a few key details about the event: 12 OCILB Courses (New Information: Class Titles and Schedule listed below) PDH and AIA Certificates 25 + Manufacturer…

Fitahloic Fitness | MacroAir Cost Saving

By | April 28, 2017 | Comments Off on Fitahloic Fitness | MacroAir Cost Saving

Check out how Fitaholic Fitness was able to make major savings on their energy bills through the performance of their MacroAir fans!  Here are some of the benefits Fitaholic Fitness achieved by using MacroAir fans: Energy savings of $450 a month Lower HVAC tonnage, less expensive units Energized members Good air circulation