Multi-Family HRV & ERV Solutions From American Aldes

InspirAIR CompactTMInspirAIR CompactTM

Have you seen American Aldes lineup of multi-family heat and energy recovery ventilators? Sized just right for smaller living spaces like condos, apartments, or dorms, the InspirAIR Compact’sTM two sizes, deliver between 80 and 130 CFM of fresh, filtered air.  In addition to the highly successful 130 range, the newest InspirAIR CompactTM 80 range includes the first in-suite air exchanger to offer an automatic free cooling economizer  function  feature that saves energy by using cool outdoor air to help reduce the demand for air conditioning during spring and fall. Truly a breath of fresh air!

The newest 80 range consists of three models: the E80-HRG ERV offers ENERGY STAR® performance using Aldes’ High Latent Transfer core technology, requires no drain, and includes the automatic free cooling mode.The H80-HF (HRV) and E80-HF (ERV) deliver healthy fresh air with superior energy efficiency at an even more economical price.

Key Features
• No drain required with Aldes’ high performance HLT
crossflow ERV core technology
• Up to 73% sensible recovery efficiency, a great choice for
LEED-certified buildings
• Exclusive free cooling economizer mode reduces the need
for air conditioning in the spring and fall
• Hassle-free balancing using the balancing chart, pressure
taps in the door, and the independently adjustable supply
and exhaust blowers (FLEXControl)
• Pressure-neutral cold climate frost protection using warm
recirculated air
• Unique compact door allows easy access to the washable
MERV 6 filters
• Optional EC Motor upgrade for additional energy savings

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