NEW Skyfold Zenith Premium

Skyfold Zenith Premium series enhances the Zenith experience with seamless ceiling integration retracting into the ceiling with no floor and wall tracks required. Zenith Premium will retract and deploy quicker than the standard Zenith model. It will move at approximately the same speed as the Skyfold Classic walls.

The Skyfold Zenith Premium package includes two touch screen keypads and the pocket closure. Lights are available in both the pocket closure panels to light the wall in the down (deployed) position and in the bottom panels to provide light from above when the wall is in the up (retracted) position.

  • ZENITH PREMIUM 51 - Exceptional soundproofing (STC 51 / RW 51)
  • ZENITH PREMIUM 55 - Superior soundproofing (STC 55 / RW 54)
  • ZENITH PREMIUM 60 - Maximum soundproofing (STC 60 / RW 59)
  • ZENITH PREMIUM NRC - Excellent sound absorption with noise reduction coefficient (NRC/SAC) of up to 0.65 (STC 50 / RW 49)

For more information on this product, please contact Brittany Welsh at Or you can visit the Skyfold Gallery to view videos on all of Skyfold's product offerings.