Our Own Rob Laneve ASHRAE CTTC Chair

During the ASHRAE Society Year of 2015-2016, our Director of Engineering Rob Laneve served as Chair of the ASHRAE Society Chapter Technology Transfer Committee (CTTC).  As Chair of the committee, one of his many responsibilities included working with the ASHRAE Webcast Sub-Committee in producing the April 2016 ASHRAE Webcast: “Making Net Zero Net Positive: Solving the Efficiency & Cost Paradox.”  Read more about the ASHRAE Webcast.  Air Control Products strongly supports ASHRAE, locally and on a society level, with donations of time, talent, and financial contributions.  We encourage and appreciate Rob’s willingness to serve ASHRAE.  He has served the Cleveland ASHRAE Chapter in a number of positions, including President.  He previously was an ASHRAE Region 5 Regional Vice Chair for CTTC for three years.  After his Regional term, Rob was asked to serve on the CTTC as 2nd Vice Chair, 1st Vice Chair and finally as Chair during the 2015-2016 year ending on June 30, 2016. Visit ASHRAE home page.