Price Industries’ Engineer’s Handbook


We want to be a good resource for all things commercial HVAC at Air Control Products. One of the best resources we can offer our customers is Price Industries’ Engineer’s handbook. Price is innovative in the way they present technical content and product information. What began as a collection of design guides quickly morphed into a more comprehensive manual that included existing engineering guides, HVAC theory, psychrometrics, and thermal comfort.

With functionality in mind, the handbook text features:

  • 99 examples for reference
  • 15 research highlights
  • 1,000+ graphics to help illustrate and explain concepts and systems

Each chapter builds on fundamental concepts and presents in detail the applications of the relevant technologies. Where appropriate, highlights of advancements in research through summaries of recent technical papers are included in order to present new ideas that may have yet to be incorporated into the industry’s reference manuals.

The Handbook is intended to be used on a daily basis by engineers, architects, contractors, students, and anyone else interested in HVAC systems. No reference guide of this type could be introduced without a significant effort to ensure that the material is useable and correct. As such, a thorough review of this volume was completed by a notable and generous group of industry leaders, without whom, this handbook would not have been possible.

We want to thank Price for their hard work and effort to put together such a comprehensive and important piece of valuable content for our industry!

Interested in obtaining a copy of Price Industries’ Engineer’s Handbook? CLICK HERE to request hard or digital copies.

Price Industries' Engineer's Handbook