CoverMyMeds HQ in Columbus Ohio

ACP Architectural had the opportunity to work with Turner Construction and Perkins + Will on this state of the art project. ACP provided the following on the Phase II of this project: Modernfold: three (3) Acousti-Seal Premier Electric walls in Phase II of this project. Electrically operated walls provide a quick and easy set up every single time, taking less than 15 seconds to set up or break down. The walls were designed and installed to provide space flexibility to the client for the options of one large meeting space or split up into smaller private rooms. The full-height markerboard finish was designed to allow for a creative workspace while maintaining a professional work environment. Smoke Guard: five (5) M2100 Fire and Smoke rated curtains. The M2100s are vertically deployed curtains in the event of a fire. The units are tied into the local smoke detector and deploy immediately upon detection of smoke and fire. These units are located on each end of the walking bridges between phase I and II on this project. Another unit is located at the top of a stairwell that connects one corridor of the building to the next.