Gerber Poultry West

Air Control Products recently had the privilege to assist Kidron Electric with their Gerber West Addition in Kidron Ohio. The Gerber Poultry West Addition provided some unique HVAC design challenges.There were multiple areas that needed to be controlled independently to maintain proper pressurization between the spaces. Additionally, there were multiple operating modes that needed to be considered (summer/winter, operation/sanitization/unoccupied). Another major factor is the corrosive environment and heavy use of the HVAC equipment. This project utilized a design-build approach, which allowed Kidron Electric to partner with Air Control Products to select the appropriate equipment for the project including
Greenheck DGX MUA units and CUBE exhaust fans. Using CAPS, we were able to quickly select and configure the equipment needed. The ability to select appropriate options was helpful. All of the equipment has either Permatector or Hi-Pro Polyester depending on the location, and all fan motors have shaft grounding rings included.