Akron Children’s Hospital – Akron, Ohio

The Akron Children’s Hospital has been supporting family medical needs since the late 1800s. Air Control Products was proud to provide Greenheck Vektor laboratory exhaust fans and the new pre-insulated thermaround from Thermaduct on a recent ACH project.

For applications where aesthetics are a key consideration in building design, HVAC systems can be built into the building’s finished look. For these applications, Thermaduct’s new architectural cladding system provides more ductwork options to match building facades.

Akron’s Children’s Hospital’s unique installation required round ductwork in a location that would look best if it blended into the building. Thermaround was chosen because of its pre-insulated smooth aluminum InspiralR interior (employing Kingspan KoolDuct), free of loose fibers to reach an R-12 insulating value. To better match the building exterior, a colonial red color Kynar finished metal cladding was chosen. Aside from the visual benefit, the cladding provides resistance to corrosion, weather, and standing water.

Reach out to Air Control Products with any application where visibility is a primary concern. Thermaduct Thermaround Metal Clad provides the benefits of Thermaduct’s pre-insulated outdoor duct and packages it with a protected metal finish to provide a duct system with aesthetics in mind.