Hillsdale Education Facility

Initiated in 2020, this cutting-edge educational facility in Jeromesville, Ohio, is a testament to the community’s commitment to providing a state-of-the-art learning environment for its students. Spearheaded by the architecture and engineering expertise of Fanning Howey, the project promises to deliver an exceptional space for learning and growth.Air Control Products, in collaboration with the contractor Gunther, has played a pivotal role in ensuring optimal air quality and comfort. This has been achieved through the integration of Greenheck fans, ventilators, and louvers, which are renowned for their efficiency and environmental friendliness.In terms of aesthetic and functional considerations, Price Grills and Linears have been thoughtfully incorporated throughout the school. These elements not only contribute to a pleasing architectural ambiance but also serve as practical components of the facility’s overall design.The gymnasium, a vital space within any educational institution, has also been outfitted with careful attention to detail. The use of Ductsox for the gym’s ventilation system not only ensures efficient air distribution but also facilitates a streamlined installation process, ultimately resulting in cost savings.

Furthermore, the collaboration with Air Control Products extends to the inclusion of spiral ductwork throughout the facility. This choice aligns with a commitment to quality and functionality, demonstrating the careful planning and execution of the school’s infrastructure. As the grand opening approaches in the fall of 2023, the Hillsdale community eagerly anticipates the realization of their vision for an exceptional educational facility.