RV/RVE Competitive Analysis

Greenheck developed the RV/RVE model as a pre-engineered rooftop ventilator specifically designed to condition and deliver mixtures of outdoor and return air. These pre-engineered units are available in configurations with 100% outdoor air and high percentage outdoor air with recirculation. The RVE model utilizes an optional energy recovery wheel for superior energy efficiency. RV/RVE is designed with R-410a refrigerant and 5 to 45 nominal tons of cooling with airflow ranges up to 13,500 cfm. Modulating hot gas reheat is also available for precise humidity control.

Value added features include: microprocessor; low sound condenser fans; direct-drive, VFD driven, backward-inclined fans; optional high turndown furnace (patent pending); optional recirculation damper; and optional electronically commutated motor on lead condenser fan. Ideal for 100% outdoor air, variable air volume, and single zone applications.

Capacity and Options:

  • 800 to 13,500 cfm
  • Up to 3 in. wg
  • Cooling options: packaged direct expansion, split direct expansion, and chilled water
  • Heating options: indirect gas, electric, and hot water

When choosing your path to success, it is important to compare the following:

Energy Wheel

  • GREENHECK: larger energy recovery wheel for higher effectiveness, lower static pressure, and more airflow. The Greenheck energy wheel provides roughly 10% more annual energy savings vs the next major competitor


  •  Competitor: smaller energy recovery wheel; competitor will bypass wheel to achieve additional airflow capacity – this has the potential to violate ASHRAE 90.1!


Condenser Fans

  • Greenheck: standard feature; Greenheck is the only manufacturer that provides 5 planes of radiated sound information tested to an AMCA standard


  • Competitor: Traditional blade, elevated sound condenser fans; no attenuation and incomplete AMCA condenser fan sound performance data


Indirect Gas Furnace

  • Greenheck: uses an optimized 16:1 high turndown indirect gas-fired furnace


  • Competitor: limited to a 10:1 turndown on indirect-gas fired furnace

Support Base Construction

  • Greenheck RVE: Standard 2” R-13 base insulation


  • Competitor: Optional 0.5” or 1” base insulation



  • Greenheck RVE: Standard VCD-23 AMCA Class 1A leakage rated inlet damper


  • Competitor: Standard AMCA Class 2 leakage rated inlet damper



  • Greenheck RVE: Standard built in LCD micro-processor controller


  • Competitor: Requires handheld device for startup and service 


Discharge Configuration

  • Greenheck RVE: Available with side supply air discharge for horizontal connections


  • Competitor: Requires 36” tall plenum curb for horizontal connection. 


For additional literature on Greenheck’s RV/RVE please visit Greenheck website