Signing Day


In honor of national signing day on December 18, we recently made an exciting signing of our own at Air Control Products!

Sean Lacey, an engineering Co-Op student at the University of Akron, has been working at ACP for over a year. In his time with the company he has picked up a great deal of knowledge regarding the engineering behind commercial HVAC and the importance it plays from day to day. The company decided that he was an excellent fit for our growing organization and would be an asset full time after graduation.

“We could tell Sean had a passion for learning and wanted to make his time at Air Control Products worthwhile,” said Mike Greene, President of Air Control Products. “He has the opportunity to pick up valuable learning experience here that will help him in his career with us and beyond.”

Greene said Lacey is a cultural fit for Air Control Products, something that has been a more significant emphasis within the company. Finding the right people, those who embody a sense of care, respect, integrity, and perseverance are the kinds of employees ACP is trying to keep for a long time.

“We are thrilled to know Sean will be with us full-time once he graduates,” Greene said. “He is well-liked, bright, and the right kind of person we want working hard within our organization.”

The feeling is mutual, and Lacey is excited to be a part of Air Control Products for years to come.

“My time at ACP has been nothing but great. I’ve gotten the opportunity to learn under one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the industry in Rob Laneve,” Lacey said.

“Everyone at ACP has been very welcoming and helpful with any questions or assistance I may need. Initially, the opportunity for a non-traditional engineering role caught my eye, but the company culture has made me stay. I look forward to what the next few years have in store and for my upcoming graduation in May 2021. I am very thankful for everyone in the ACP family, and all they have done for me.”