Spring 2021 – Manufacturer’s Updates


New Coatings Application Guide now available – Learn More Here

Power Roof Ventilators (PRVs)

  • Expanded the model GCC metal building/standing seam curb to 250 inches
  • New pipe portal products (up to 4 ports per curb)
  • New Vari-Green® control, HOA – hand/off/auto
  • New hinge options for G/GB/CUE/CUBE size 60-200 – Learn More
  • Ship loose option added for curb seal and clean-out port
  • Discontinued 2-speed induction motors – use 2-speed VG/VGD options instead
  • Discontinued mounted and wired option for speed controllers
  • Multiple curb caps sizes are available on CUE/CUBE-99-130 – 19 and 22 inch
  • Updated temp/humidity Vari-Green control to a modern form factor

Axial, Inline, and HVLS Fans

  • Vari-Green expansion to include wall-mounted model AER sizes 54 and 60 to include 7.5 and 10 hp.
  • Expanded upblast model RBUMO performance from 61,800 to 68,000 cfm
  • Discontinued recirculating roof-mounted model ERD
  • Square inline direct drive model SQ with mixed flow wheel, now have UL-705 and 15-day quick build option
  • High volume, low-speed fans (HVLS)
    • Model DC-5 has 4 new sizes: 4.3, 5, 6, and 7-foot diameters
    • New factory certified service (FCS) option available

Fume Exhaust, Vane Axial, and Tubular Inline Fans

  • Model AX has a reversible airflow option (same airflow in both directions)
  • QEID-100 series is now available with Vari-Green motors
  • 2-inch isolators are available on tubular inline models
  • Vektor-M series has an enhanced wind load rating (See below)


  • Improved actuator ratings for 3,000 fpm selections (models FSD-311, 312, 331; SMD-301, 302; and OFSD-311, 312)
  • Model OFSD min-height is now 8 by 8 inches.
  • Model HBTR-151 is now available on a 10-day quick build
  • please see the below outline of obsoleted products and their alternatives.

New model – OPA

  • The Open Plenum Array is a custom, fully assembled solution for data center, mission-critical, and custom air handler applications.
  • Designed to reduce labor by providing a fully self-supporting factory assembled fan array – no need to provide your own wall or structure.


  • Model EVH-302 can now be manufactured down to 8 inches
  • Model EAD-635 and 601 increased the max size to 120 inches
  • Added custom color match for Kynar® for thinline louvers

Kitchen Ventilation Systems (KVS)

  • Product line simplification to reduce complexity and increase the effectiveness
  • Grease Trapper, model GFPS, redesign (improved aesthesis, slight dim changes, additional filters on size 30)

Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS)

  • New model RV-10 is available down to 500 cfm and 3 tons of packaged cooling
  • Added optional UV Lights and bipolar ionization for air disinfection
  • Optional aluminum energy recovery wheels available on the RVE
  • Increased airflows on DGX&MSX H22-MF up to 9000 cfm and MSX-H12-MF up to 5,000 cfm
  • DGX-H22 now selectable with liquid propane for VAV arrangements
  • External VFD is now selectable for units DGX, IGX, MSX housing sizes H05, H12, and H22
  • IGX room control is now available with terminal strip or remote panel selections
  • Increased PDX airflow to 8100 cfm

Energy Recovery – Preconditioners (ERV)

  • Cooling enable discharge control through external chilled water or split direct expansion (DX) coil (provided by others)
  • Factory mounted and wired airflow monitors.
  • Radiated sounds data for the models ECV-20 and -30
  • Increase motor HP offering on models MiniCore-10 and ECV-10

Price Industries:

Model PDDR

  • Size 8” and 10” round inlets on the 12”x12” and 24”x12” module sizes have been made standard.
  • Size 18”x18” and 48”x12” have been added to the standard product offering
  • This extended face for 15/16” tegular tee applications, formerly model PDDRE and APDDRE, are now PDDR accessories called frame type 15.
  • Style 17 has been renamed to style 17B to identify this frame is designed for bolt slot ceiling systems only.
  • Models APDDR and APDDRE are now ordered by selecting the aluminum face option within the PDDR model.

New Barbed Aerosol Injection Port

  • The aerosol injection port (INJ) available on the FFU, LFDC, and RFDC permits room-side aerosol injection above a HEPA filter for ease of filter testing and commissioning. The new barbed test port is easy to use and fits 1/2 in. inner diameter tubing.

Shape Diffuser (SHP-CF)

  • 2ft x 4ft triangle with 90-degree configuration is now offered as standard.