Expo Testimonials

"You all put on a very nice event. It is always a pleasure to catch up with the reps, ACP staff, and others from around the industry.
You know that feeling you have when you are at someone’s house and you can just tell they are glad to have you and are happy to serve you? That’s the feeling I got from the ACP team at the expo on Wednesday." Chad Berry - Kidron Electric

"I thought it was very well organized and the staff did an excellent job."

"You guys are head and shoulders above any supplier out there as far as products, selection, pricing and service. Thank you!"

"Good educational sessions from sharp instructors. Good product displays. Enjoyed the clambake."

"I liked the warm welcome of the event by ACP and presenters."

"The variety of vendors and classes. Very good dialog during classes."

"Air Control Products is a "Class" organization from management to product lines to staff. Thank-You!"

"So much to do but it was a blast!"

"Well organized, good speakers/topics"


"Being newer to the commercial side of the business, it was a great learning opportunity about the different options of mech eqpt."

"It was great meeting the manufacturer's and seeing friends, both old and new."

"Great setup , very controlled , good food and great vendor support from ACP and the vendors"

"Very well organized in a comfortable environment, every employee knew where to direct your or had an answer to your questions. Great to meet knew people and learn about new products!"

"Well worth the time."

"Well done if you did not learn or pick up anything it's your fault."

"Well run, spacious, plenty of room to move about from vendor to vendor. Very informative. Well done and thanks."

"I wanted to thank you and your staff for such a great, well planned ACP EXPO, I was there on Wednesday and again last night. Your company was well displayed and I felt very welcome with my wife at the clambake."

—Dennis W.

"Just want to take a moment to express myself that this year's ACP Innovation Expo was Fantastic and a Solid event.
I greatly appreciate ALL that you have done not only for Duct Fab, but the Sickle Family. Thank you so very much."

—John S.

"The guys at the Cleveland Warehouse do a great job! They are the best guys I deal with in any supply house around town!"

Company Testimonials

“Air Control Products has been our go-to vendor for VM Systems for many years, not only because of the excellence of the company as a whole, but because of their superior team. Our ACP representative, Chuck Barlage, ensures we receive timely and accurate quotes and submittals with an ease and comfort that makes you feel as though you are simply catching up with a friend. The number of projects Air Controls Products has worked with VM Systems on are far too many to count. The success of those projects is in part due to ACP’s quality products and efficient team.”

“Thanks for taking us down to Price Industries! We had a really great time with everyone, and we learned a lot. It was awesome to see how much Price values you guys at ACP and how they want to provide us with as many resources as we need.”

“The Air Control Products team is always an absolute treat to work with. Everyone is super friendly and eager to help or just have a chat. Sean & Rob always go above and beyond to help with selections or answer product questions. Mike & Michael run one of the best operations around.”

“I love the genuine relationship that we have with ACP. I am a firm believer in doing business with like minded people and this is definitely a company that will give you the shirt off of their back. We are excited to see the growth that comes with this partnership!”

“I’ve been dealing with Air Control products for well over 30 years when I moved to the central Ohio area and they’ve always been there to give me competitive pricing and great service with a premium line and products”

“ACP in Columbus has built an amazing team that never fails to live up to their high standard. Their customer service is second to none.”

“As a small MEP firm we have a tendency to get overlooked by some manufacturer’s representatives. ACP continues to lead our industry in top of line, energy efficient equipment that engineers can rely on to perform as designed. The product showcase vans are very informative and we usually see two of them a year. Thanks for being there for the little guys!!”

“Just wanted to say thanks again for taking us all out to visit the Price facilities. We all had a great time and it was good to learn more about the things we spec every day. We appreciate everything you and ACP do for us and look forward to continuing to work together.”


This is the single best free PDH day I’ve attended in my 46 years of being in the business. And that includes the one my Alma Mater, York Air Conditioning used to have). Nobody , and I mean NOBODY, does it better. I will be submitting my vacation day request for Oct 10, today, to make sure I will attend.

See you there, if I don’t see you sooner

“I want to commend Chris Whicker on his professionalism and incredible depth of knowledge in the industry. He is a HUGE asset to our group of 25 people (previously AECOM, now CMTA). His willingness to go above and beyond and his availability and responsiveness in 2nd to none in the industry! Best rep ever!”

“Air Control Products takes my company’s capabilities to the next level. We depend on Air Control Products daily. Best of the best highly recommended.”

“It is obvious that Chris Whicker truly loves what he does and enjoys who he works with. I can always count on him for prompt responses, or if he is unavailable, he will assign the task to someone else so I still get an answer in the timeline I need. He is always willing to go above and beyond to make sure his clients are happy and getting the information they need. I look forward to working with Chris for many years to come!”

“Visiting the Greenheck facilities in Schofield really helped me understand the level of detail that goes into the development and manufacturing of their products. The continuous improvement, strenuous R&D, and quality control really reassured me that my equipment selections will never let the client down while holding their building to a high standard. The team at Air Control Products is a great resource for any product questions or selections, and the escorted trip to Wisconsin demonstrated their high level of knowledge on all things Greenheck… as well as their proficiency in showing everyone a good time.”

“Point One’s staff wishes to thank Rob Laneve – Director of Engineering, and all the Air Control Products staff’s support of Point One’s HVAC design work this past year. Further, we are wishing a Happy New Year to all .”


“Just a little thank you from our team to yours. The service from your Toledo Office that I receive continues to impress me each and every day, working for years and years with some of them. As you know we get things dumped on our laps at the last minute, wanted yesterday, and they have never let me down. The entire team no matter which one of the team members, works with me getting what is needed. Receiving quotes in the wee hours of the morning, until late in the evening when in the perfect world they should be enjoying their family or resting after dinner. Again hope all is well and a big THANK YOU again.”

“Thank you for a great trip to Greenheck. Rob’s agenda covered all of our interests. The functional displays of the Education Center easily proved the facts behind the equipment designs. The tour of the Innovation Center was a great introduction to the eCAPS program. The plant tours gave insight into how efficient the manufacturing process has to deliver high-quality products to the marketplace. I liked the fact that many of the machines were custom-designed and built in-house. Each Greenheck team member was genuinely passionate and knowledgeable of the product design, manufacturing, and applications. Greenheck obviously makes investments in the people and the operations that produce industry-leading products. We returned to the office eager to share our newfound knowledge of air moving equipment with our engineers. We look forward to our continued relationship with Air Control Products and the specification of Greenheck products.”

“Every time I come to the Air Control Products Innovation Expo, I learn new things about products I have been specifying for years on our jobs. We do what we believe to be tier one projects and excellence is our goal. Working directly with the manufacturers reps are invaluable and getting it right and thinking about our projects in the right way. We are pleased to be a part of Air Control Products.”

“Hey guys, hope all is well.  Greg in our receiving department, and I would like to say “ how polite, helpful, and such a nice guy your delivery driver is.”

“First thing first when I was ask to attend Greenheck Company my first thought was I don’t need to go see how fans are built, wow was I wrong! I learn more about all the product they have louvers, dampers, lab fans, kitchen hood etc. The biggest impression was the time and money they spend on R& D and testing there product, now I know why there are the best of the best. If you have not been to the factory, bug you’re Rep to take you IT’S A MUST!!”

“Just wanted to extend MY gratitude and appreciation for your guys work ethic. ( Stop laughing ) I really do appreciate the courteous and prompt   ( I didn’t say early ) service and attention you give to our deliveries and such. It does help my chaotic ( at times ) ordering and job schedules. So it’s not worth much , but THANK YOU your hard work is noticed and appreciated.”

“Due to the fact that I am green to the HVAC sector, Air Control Products gave myself and a co-worker the opportunity to the participate in Greenheck University. I was unsure of what this would entail, but once we arrived we were greeted by the Greenheck staff and made right at home. From the airport we went immediately to the Greenheck facility and was given a tour. Next, we went into the classroom and this is where I was introduced to the numerous pieces of equipment that Greenheck offers. The instructors were very knowledgeable and explained each piece of equipment in detail and in a manner that I could understand. Now I am able to intelligently explain different pieces of equipment to our general contractors and owners. Because of the great experience, I am recommending that one of our project managers attends Greenheck University and you should too!”

“Joe Charnigo has been working with us for a while and it never ceases to amaze me how hard-working he truly is. The level of attention he brings to the table along with growing knowledge of the product line makes it a true pleasure to work with him. It goes to show you that when you surround yourself with great talent, it makes running a business that much easier. Joe always has our best interest at heart, and I trust and value his opinion greatly.”

“I tell my estimators to add 10% to everybody else’s quote but yours (ACP) because that is what you need to spend extra figuring out where stuff goes and extra coordination in the field”

“Sorry for the slow response, but that event (ACP Expo) is on my calendar.  Actually, I first put it on my calendar almost three years ago right after the last one.  At that time it was just a guess as to the date, but the event is the best one of any of our distributors put on.  I wouldn’t miss it.”