"I tell my estimators to add 10% to everybody else's quote but yours (ACP) because that is what you need to spend extra figuring out where stuff goes and extra coordination in the field"

 From Toledo HVAC Contractor

"Due to the fact that I am green to the HVAC sector, Air Control Products gave myself and a co-worker the opportunity to the participate in Greenheck University. I was unsure of what this would entail, but once we arrived we were greeted by the Greenheck staff and made right at home. From the airport we went immediately to the Greenheck facility and was given a tour. Next, we went into the classroom and this is where I was introduced to the numerous pieces of equipment that Greenheck offers. The instructors were very knowledgeable and explained each piece of equipment in detail and in a manner that I could understand. Now I am able to intelligently explain different pieces of equipment to our general contractors and owners. Because of the great experience, I am recommending that one of our project managers attends Greenheck University and you should too!"

Steven Showalter
Westland HVAC
"Just wanted to extend MY gratitude and appreciation for your guys work ethic. ( Stop laughing ) I really do appreciate the courteous and prompt   ( I didn't say early ) service and attention you give to our deliveries and such. It does help my chaotic ( at times ) ordering and job schedules. So it's not worth much , but THANK YOU your hard work is noticed and appreciated."

Rick Rossman
Burrier Service Company

"First thing first when I was ask to attend Greenheck Company my first thought was I don't need to go see how fans are built, wow was I wrong! I learn more about all the product they have louvers, dampers, lab fans, kitchen hood etc. The biggest impression was the time and money they spend on R& D and testing there product, now I know why there are the best of the best. If you have not been to the factory, bug you're Rep to take you IT'S A MUST!!"

Trent Bloomfield
VM Systems Inc.

“Visiting this facility (Price Technical Center-Atlanta) has open my eyes to things that I never thought of before.”

“Price’ s sizing software has saved me quite a few hours in the past few weeks. Hats off to price for designing a easy to use and useful sizing program.”

“The effort made to jump at the last minute and try to put this together is appreciated and is one of the reasons that ACP is a preferred supplier to us.”

“Thanks for keeping us in the loop, and for all your help. You’ re definitely a very valuable resource to all of us here.”

“Met with an Industrial account today that still has these fans on his roof and absolutely loves them. Just thought the rep and the Greenheck Fan of Mississippi was pretty interesting. Over 40 years is pretty amazing...”

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