The Sky is the Limit – Price Industries

Research and Innovation. You can’t describe Price Industries without using these two words. Their commitment to ensuring they are always the leader in innovative air handling products is unmatched in the industry. Want proof this is true? Just look at their brand new 9,000 sq. ft. addition to their already 20,000 sq. ft. laboratory and testing facility.

With this state-of-the-art specialized workshop, Price can continue to improve on their already exceptional technology as well as customer service. Inside this research center, engineers, contractors, architects, and owners alike, can all view Prices’ newest and most innovative products at work.

One of their featured rooms is their isolation room. The purpose of this room is to exhibit how precise their room pressurization controls are. The set up display is a hospital Patient room where there is absolutely no room for error. This is the confidence that Price has in their products and technology, rightfully so. The room features a hot/cold wall with nine independent radiant panels, allowing precise control over surface temperatures in the environment.

Highlights of the isolation room:

  • Fully-controlled mechanical system
  • Price Room Pressure Monitor (PRPM)with Price Venturi Valves
  • and Controller (PRPC) in conjunction
  • Real-time, interactive measurement
  • and room pressurization displays
  • Isolation Room size – 275 ft2
  • Anteroom size – 54 ft2
  • Toilet Room size – 54 ft2

Measurements taken in the isolation room:

  • Humidity
  • Room pressure
  • Valve differential pressure
  • Supply, exhaust, and room temperature
  • Airflow measurement for supply/exhaust

Mechanical equipment:

  • Price BCH Supply Blower Coil (52 MBH and 800 CFM)
  • Price Mechanical Custom Exhaust Fan
  • Humidifier/humidity control (capacity of 14 kg/hour)
  • Electric reheat supply (Isolation Room 7 kW and Anteroom 1.5 kW)
  • HEPA filter bank

The isolation room is just one of their many impressive displays. After seeing one of these demonstrations done in any of these rooms, it becomes very evident what kind of company Price is. Price is the kind of company that keeps you guessing in all of the best ways, where you never know what industry-changing technology is coming next. Price is the kind of company where you know you will always receive first-class customer service, to back up their first-class products. Price is the kind of company where the big picture always comes first, where you can see the impact of the company on all of the communities around them. Price is their own kind of company, where the sky is the limit.