Greenheck DOAS Case Study – Promerus

Greenheck DOAS

Greenheck DOAS Case Study – Promerus

Promerus provides advanced material solutions to customers in the areas of displays, semiconductors, electronic packaging, and emerging markets. Their location in Akron, Ohio, a warehousing space, was recently renovated to include chemical, development, analytical laboratories and a cleanroom and offices.

Using an existing 38,000 sq ft space and transforming it into warehousing, a lab, and offices makes engineering a HVAC system challenging. Considering the different airflow needs of both employees and the space was undertaken by the project team, including Creative Comfort Systems, Tec Inc., and Air Control Products.

Greenheck DOAS

Greenheck DOAS units being placed on ground level

Challenges: Building, timeframe, and budget

As an existing structure, the design team inherited the building and made the project a success with what they were given. Several initial building issues had to be worked through within the scope of the project.

Due to a standing seam roof, no HVAC products could initially be mounted on the roof. The building’s large size presented some emergency egress issues, and an existing concrete mezzanine in the building had to be removed.

Timeframe and cost were also a challenge. Like many jobs, the timeframe was tight and needed to be completed without much downtime. Budgetary restraints were also a concern, and the project team’s collaboration helped stay within acceptable pricing for the job’s success.

Solution: Greenheck DOAS RV units and Vektor lab exhaust fans

To meet the varying air exchanges required pressures and desired temperature needs for the Promerus facility, ACP collaborated with the design and construction team to engineer an HVAC system that utilized Greenheck trusted products.

Promerus’ solution featured 7 DOAS (Designated Outdoor Air System) RV units, 5 Vektor-MD high plume dilution laboratory exhaust fans, 6 utility set fans and a CUBE exhaust fan.

A DOAS unit supplies cooled, dehumidified outside air to the building in summer and heated outside air in the winter. Although not utilized at Promerus, many times, DOAS models can also include a total energy wheel that offers up to 80% total effectiveness reducing the heating and cooling capacity requirement of the DOAS unit significantly.

Pre-engineered rooftop ventilators, like the RV units used on the Promerus project, condition and deliver 100% outside air or mixtures of outdoor air and return air to a building. RV units are ideal for 100% outdoor air, variable air volume, and single zone applications.

With a lack of workable space and structural support on the roof, RV units were installed on ground level. Greenheck DOAS

To meet laboratory exhaust needs, Greenheck Vektor-MD fans were specified on the project. Vektor-MD high plume dilution blowers are designed to efficiently exhaust laboratory fumes and odors high above any air intakes on the same or surrounding buildings.

Utilizing a patented mixed flow impeller design, the space-saving configuration of the Vektor-MD maximizes air movement with reduced sound and energy.

After seeing a Greenheck mini-mobile learning center and discovering some potential cost savings, the team reviewed the Greenheck RV units as a viable solution.  The contractor was supportive of the Greenheck product and working with ACP. The appropriate products, competitive pricing, reduced delivery time, and easy to do business with approach helped Air Control Product’s win the project.

Results: A new facility with endless capabilities

The feedback from the design team was very positive.

The contractor believes in the Greenheck products and said they are high quality, shipped on time, and was ready for installation without issue.   Promerus also had positive feedback –  “During the design, installation, and commissioning, the project team worked seamlessly to ensure the project was a success.  The units have performed well meeting the varied needs of our new facility.”

Through the collaboration on this project, the design team developed a stronger appreciation for ACP and the support provided by their sales and engineering teams.

Want to learn more about specifying or installing Greenheck solutions like DOAS units and Vektor fans? Reach out to Air Control Products and connect with our dedicated team.