The New PRICE FDC: FDC-G2 Fan Powered Box


FDC-G2 Fan Powered Box

Price’s Constant Volume Series Flow Fan Powered Terminal Unit (FDC) is undergoing a complete redesign to keep a competitive edge in the market. The new FDC maintains a high level of capacity and sound performance while also incorporating many improvements, including:

  • Field reversibility: With a centered inlet, centered discharge and access panels on the top and bottom, the unit can be reoriented between left-hand and right-hand configurations on the job site. This includes units equipped with hot water reheat and – new to Price – flippable electric reheat.
  • Decreased footprint: The width and length of the FDC is reduced for easier installation, less required clearance and more efficient packaging and shipping.  Inlet attenuators are shipped pre-attached to the unit to reduce installation time.

For your information, please find attached a preliminary submittal of the new FDC-G2.

  • Reduced footprint
  • Full sized access panels on top and bottom
  • Field reversible between LH and RH orientations, including units with water coils and electric coils

Factory installed attenuator to reduce installation time. Please contact us with any questions.