What Is Smudging?

Originally Posted at https://blog.priceindustries.com/what-is-smudging  Ceiling Smudging and Air Supply Outlets Smudging is traditionally and more commonly known among First Nations as a ceremonial burning of one or more medicines gathered from the earth, an important tradition passed down from generation to generation.  In the world of HVAC, smudging is a term used to describe the…

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Winter 2021 – Manufacturer’s Updates

  Every quarter we will be bringing you a blog about our manufacturer’s new products and updates. Check out what’s been happening below: Greenheck: We are updating the naming convention for the G, GB, CUE and CUBE models to streamline naming on future product changes. These updates do NOT accompany any physical changes at this…

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Greenheck and Price – Virtual Education Tours

Greenheck and Price Virtual Tours

We are always excited to take our customers on visits to our manufacturers. Not only does it help build better customer relationships, but it also allows our manufacturer’s advantages to show through their trusted products and the industry experts that work with them every day. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to showcase our manufacturer sites…

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Puraflo: Price Industries’ Newest Innovation

Price Industries, the industry leader in air distribution, has announced the Puraflo, a new product to help improve both the health and safety of building occupants. The Puraflo, derived from Price’s trusted Fan Filter Units, provides HEPA filtration and increased air change with no additional modifications required to existing HVAC systems. Benefits of the Puraflo…

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Price Industries: COVID-19 Resource Page

Price Industries’ COVID-19 response has been recognized for retrofitting isolation rooms to stop the spread during the pandemic. Their products, including fan filter units, help create Airborne infectious isolation rooms (AIIR) used for patients with easily communicable airborne disease. When there is a shortage of AIIR rooms, existing patient rooms (or other rooms in temporary…

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Price Noise Control Case Study

noise control case

Check out our Price Noise Control Case Study to learn more about how the ACP Engineering Team conquered the acoustical design challenge at Urbana PK-8 School. We are proud to offer acoustical attenuation solutions with Price Industries. Using their Acoustical Analysis module in the All-In-One program, the ACP Engineering Team was able to analyze existing duct…

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Price Noise Control and ACP Case Study


  Constant or abrupt noises can be distracting in any setting. From excessive workplace noise to disturbing sounds in commercial settings, it can be very difficult to maintain focus. Many people do not know that even HVAC systems can be the culprit of noise transfer from room to room. Unfortunately, excessive noise can even happen…

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Training Beyond ACP


Education and Training Beyond ACP For Air Control Products to succeed, we must not only understand the products we represent, but educate those who specify, purchase, and install them as well. While venues for accreditation are available within ACP, there are opportunities for education outside of our walls as well. Factory tours, webinars, and on-site…

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The New PRICE FDC: FDC-G2 Fan Powered Box

FDC-G2 Fan Powered Box Price’s Constant Volume Series Flow Fan Powered Terminal Unit (FDC) is undergoing a complete redesign to keep a competitive edge in the market. The new FDC maintains a high level of capacity and sound performance while also incorporating many improvements, including: Field reversibility: With a centered inlet, centered discharge and access…

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