OSU Pomerene Hall Modernfold Case Study

OSU Pomerene Hall Modernfold Case Study

Ohio State University’s Pomerene Hall has undergone major renovations to become a new home for its Translational Data Analytics Institute, Undergraduate Data Analytics Major, and History of Art as part of a nearly $60 million project. The project aligns with Ohio State’s campus master plan to create a guiding vision that imagines transformational research and learning environments over the next decade and beyond.

Project Details:

The new addition is being built to replicate the features of the original building with significant attention to detail. Included in the renovations is Modernfold’s Acousti-Seal® 931 system with manual seals, full-height marker board writing surface, and expandable closure on RT100 track. Panels are used in the Project Room to allow for six different configurations in the room.


Modernfold Product:

  • Acousti-Seal® 931
  • Custom Finishes
  • Manual Seals
  • Marker Board Writing Surface
  • RT100 Track
  • Expandable Closure

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