Case Studies

CFD Case Study - First Community Church

CFD Case Study – First Community Church

June 10, 2019

  Project: First Community Church North Campus Location: Columbus, OH Building occupants require a consistent environment to achieve their optimal level of comfort and the HVAC Systems are the main driving force in keeping any environment properly conditioned and ventilated. Especially in a church, proper ventilation and temperature are key in maintaining comfort.   Background First…

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OSU Pomerene Hall Modernfold Case Study

August 3, 2018

Ohio State University’s Pomerene Hall has undergone major renovations to become a new home for its Translational Data Analytics Institute, Undergraduate Data Analytics Major, and History of Art as part of a nearly $60 million project. The project aligns with Ohio State’s campus master plan to create a guiding vision that imagines transformational research and…

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Price Noise Control and ACP Case Study

March 22, 2018

  Constant or abrupt noises can be distracting in any setting. From excessive workplace noise to disturbing sounds in commercial settings, it can be very difficult to maintain focus. Many people do not know that even HVAC systems can be the culprit of noise transfer from room to room. Unfortunately, excessive noise can even happen…

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