Introducing Greenheck’s New Technology


Expanding their existing Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV, RVE, ERCH, MiniVent) , Greenheck’s newest models (MiniCore & ECV) precondition fresh outdoor air to reduce the heating and cooling loads required by mechanical equipment. These models utilize an enthalpy core constructed of a specially-processed hydroscopic resin material (corrugated – much like cardboard) that allows heat transfer between outdoor and return air without direct contact. See the figure below:

GH Enthalpy Core Tech Diagram copy

Because this technology requires less space and fewer moving parts than the traditional enthalpy wheel, there are now more applications where energy conservation is an economical opportunity with the following models:

  • MiniCore-5 and MiniCore-10
    • Designed for indoor mounting
    • Airflow capacity of 300 – 1,000 CFM
    • Compact design and side-mounting capability
    • Great for individual spaces like school classrooms or small office areas
    • Optional Vari-Green motor configuration for additional energy savings
  • ECV-10 and ECV-20
    • Designed for indoor and outdoor mounting
    • Airflow capacity of 500 – 2,200 CFM
    • ECV-30 (coming spring 2016) will offer up to 3,300 CFM
    • Optional control with bypass damper
    • Optional BMS communication
    • Optional Vari-Green motors for additional energy savings