Fall 2022

Nick Halm - Toledo


1. What is your current position and role at Air Control Products?
Account Sales Representative

2. How long have you been with ACP, and what other roles have you worked in if any since you started?
I have been with ACP for approximately 1 month and have had no other roles.

3. What brought you to Air Control Products, and what was it about ACP that made you to join our team?
At my previous employer, I worked with the three ACP offices assisting them with kitchen ventilation projects. Over the years I came to know many ACP employees well and they all had several things in common including a great work ethic, a have fun attitude and most importantly integrity. I noticed a sense of pride in them working for ACP and this is what ultimately drew me to the company.

4. What is your favorite part of your job?
New to the company but not necessarily to the job of sales and account management, I really enjoy partnering with customers whittling away obstacles to achieve the best solution possible for every project. It is very satisfying to see a job from its infancy to the final product.

5. What are your hobbies – what do you do when not at work?
While not at work I am typically following my daughter and son to either a softball / baseball game or a band related event. I love music and am an avid collector of it. I primarily collect the LP record format and have several turntable setups around the house. Finally, when time permits, I enjoy fishing.

6. Do you have a favorite family tradition?
Halloween is our favorite family holiday. Every year we enjoy decorating our house inside and out, watching scary movies and dressing up in costumes. As the kids have gotten older and older, the decorations, movies and costumes have gotten scarier and scarier!


Nick we are happy that you are here.

Phenominal Aire

LinkedIn PA Commercial Stock Image Ready for Branding and Post

We are proud to announce that we are now an official representative of Phenominal Aire Commercial products. “The Phenomenal Aire commercial product line is designed for installation as individual IAQ devices or as modular ionization systems in commercial heating ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC). The technology’s air cleaning process enhances existing HVAC filtration, reducing airborne pollutants within the HVAC system and the occupied space.” For more information click here

Ohio University Peden Stadium - Team Meeting Rooms


When Ohio University, wanted their existing meeting/film rooms, they contacted ACP Architectural Sales representative Andrew Tabata in our Columbus office to see what if anything he would recommend. The meeting/film rooms in Peden Stadium, where the Division 1 Bobcats was old tired and just not meeting the needs of the team anymore. Andrew answered their challenge with Modernfold Acousti-Seal Paired Panels. These panels are sound-rated and custom stepped to accommodate the stadium seating setup. The Carbon vinyl finish is extremely easy clean and really impressed the teams with the the overall look, feel and function.
Click here for a more complete project scope.