Summer 2024

Ali Hall

Ali and her dog Ringo on their way to harass the other dogs at the dog park.

What is your current position and role at Air Control Products?

 How long have you been with ACP, and what other roles have you worked in if any since you started?
3 years in January. I have been an estimator since day one, but I have done a lot of work in planning parties and fun activities for our employees.

 What brought you to Air Control Products, and what was it about ACP that made you to join our team?
I worked across the street (Elegant Ice Creations) for 6 years and My Sister Cece worked / works here.
I got to see how wonderful the culture was, and I knew I wanted to be a part of that team!

What is your favorite part of your job?
The people, from my coworkers to our vendors and customers. Everyone is great to work with!

What are your hobbies – what do you do when not at work?
Right now, most of my time is spent with my 2-year-old doggie Ringo.
I love live music, cooking, traveling, being outdoors (preferably by any kind of water), and spending time with the people I love.
I haven’t done it in a few years but I also carve sculptures out of ice. Recently I did just carve the ACP logo into a watermelon for the first day of Summer! 🍉

Do you have a favorite family tradition?
My background is in culinary, so I love good food. Gathering for a meal would be my favorite tradition.
Nothing is better than Good Food, Good Drinks, and Good People 😊

Air Control Products 2024 Innovation EXPO


It’s that exciting time of year again for the Air Control Products Innovation EXPO! Whether you’re a seasoned attendee or joining us for the first time, we’re thrilled to bring you an exceptional lineup of the industry’s top manufacturers.

Our last Innovation EXPO was a tremendous success at our Cleveland and Columbus offices. Thanks to the overwhelming demand and valuable feedback we received, we’re thrilled to announce that our next Columbus event will be held offsite. This change allows us to accommodate more manufacturers and welcome even more customers, ensuring an even better experience for all. Both the Cleveland and Columbus events will offer accredited educational courses, leading manufacturers, mobile learning centers, delicious food, exciting prizes, and plenty of fun.

At Air Control Products, its not just about business, Its about friends and family and we consider our entire community part of our family. We invite you to join us at this years innovation expo in Columbus October 8 and in Cleveland October 9 and 10. Click here to register. We look forward TO SEEING YOU.

Penguin City Brewery


CJL Engineering worked with Murphy Contracting and York Mahoning to rejuvenate a 500,000 sq ft former Republic Steel warehouse in Youngstown, OH.

Replacing outdated 1950s radiant heaters and roof exhaust fans, the project introduced Greenheck HVLS fans, supplied by Air Control Products. These advanced, green technology-driven fans ensure optimal comfort across the vast entertainment space, showcasing the power of modern engineering solutions.

The transformation highlights resilient cities and the impact of innovation. The brewery’s logo proudly states, “Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough Cities Do!”This project revitalizes Youngstown’s industrial heritage and sets a benchmark for future renovations.