Winter 2022

Beth Marano

Featured employee for the month of January is Beth Marano. This months marks Beths 20th anniversary at Air Control Products.

What makes Air Control Products the premier commercial HVAC distributor? Our employees, simple as that. Many of you, our customers, have spoken with her over the phone or have received emails from her regarding your account. If you have not formally met let us introduce you to Beth Marano, Accounts Payable Coordinator. Beth has been an employee with ACP for 20 years (20 years this month actually) Her knowledge and expertise are second to none. What has kept Beth here for 20 years? – In her words “I like what I do and I enjoy working with wonderful people every day.’ It shows in the way she interacts with us here and with you our customers. Beth has been married for 34 years and has two amazing children. Beth and her husband our now first-time grandparents with an 8-month-old granddaughter. When Beth isn’t working or taking care of her family she loves to cook, read, and does quite a bit of gardening in the summer. What do Beth’s co-workers have to say about her? – Well, I’m not sure if we can print that. – Just kidding, Beth is extremely hard-working, dedicated and one of the kindest ACP employees. There is a lot more but that really sums it up. Beth Marano, Air Control Products featured employee of the month.

Price Industries VAV Diffusers

Price VAV

A variable air volume (VAV) diffuser is essentially a ceiling diffuser with a built-in VAV damper and thermostat. Despite its simplicity, these devices comes with many benefits and are an effective way to create small-zone comfort for building occupants by providing them individual control. Price Industries VAV diffusers control room temperature by modulating the volume of supply air into the room. This works best when a consistent temperature is supplied giving the diffuser a baseline to determine if more or less air volume is required. The supply air temperature also dictates the mode, either cooling or heating, of the VAV diffuser. The mode for mechanical (thermal) diffusers is determined by a fixed range of supply air temperature, where digital (electric) diffusers utilize a dynamic calculation comparing supply air temperature to room temperature. Click here to download more information on Price VAV Diffusers:

Titan TA-236 Direct Fired HVAC Unit


CNG is a specialty plastic film manufacturer making film to produce anywhere from garbage bags to food and pharmaceutical grade film for packaging. CNG needed a Makeup Air Unit to pressurize their building mainly to keep insects and dirt out. We suggested and subsequently, supplied Universal Enterprises the mechanical contractor on the job, with the Titan TA-236 Direct Fired HVAC unit. The this particular unit has a full 85,000 cfm capability. George Reece President of Universal Enterprises Inc. The mechanical contractor had this to say; “We use Titan because of their quality and the support provided by ACP and our Rep. Greg Cobb.” These units are readily available and their support is fantastic. These units are extremely economical and very easy to maintain and operate. Currently CNG has 13 of these units operating throughout their multiple facilities. Would you like more information as to how these units may help you in a particular job. Contact us here ;